Giant's Dance Soy Candle - 10oz


The Giants’ Dance also known as Stonehenge, they say a wizard built it with stones he stole from Erin. By his arts, he flew them through the air and set them down on the great plains of Salisbury and made a ring of power to endure forever. This kind of mystique has given this broken ring of stones its hypnotic appeal. Close your eyes breathe in this sensual scent and slip through the veil of another realm.


This is such a peaceful scent with notes of woody orange & honey rose! So delicate and mystical! Perfectly suited to the essence of "The Giant's Dance."


The colour of this candle will be changing from white to grey except for the first run of this candle. 

The Giant's Dance 10oz

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    Natural soy wax of the highest quality is used and the very best of scents without the use of Phthalate. 

    This is a 10oz size