Luck Soy Candle - 10oz 

Small Batch Poured


A lavender scented and coloured natural soy wax candle for your pleasure! There's something sweetly Canadian and lucky in every Luck Candle ~ A lucky Penny!


"Keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck and fall in love whenever you can." ~ Sally Owens ~ Who doesn't love, Practical Magic and the inspiring words and creativity that brings out the inner witch in us all.

Luck 10oz Violet coloured

  • All items created are blessed, cleansed and charged before heading on their journey to you. Sage & Moon Waters along with incantation blessing and reiki will be performed prior to shipping. A little magick to get you started with your new item! May your purchased item bring you joy. 

    Natural soy wax of the highest quality is used and the very best of scents without the use of Phthalate.