Jack Frost Soy Candle - 10oz


According to Scandinavian legend, Jack Frost is the son of the god of the sinds who brings frost. In this story a boy who hates winter notices beautiful patterns created on his window and is befriended by none other than Jack Frost himself. He follows Jack into the woods and asks him to stay and play. Jack says he can but the boy can never mention anything warm in front of him or he will vanish... of course the boy mentions the first signs of spring and Jack disappears but not before saying, see you  next year. Thankfully he will return each winter to paint us beautiful imagery. 


A icy forest scent will fill your home with the magick of Jack's cool breath!

Jack Frost 10oz

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  • All items created are blessed, cleansed and charged before heading on their journey to you. Sage & Moon Waters along with incantation blessing and reiki will be performed prior to shipping. A little magick to get you started with your new item! May your purchased item bring you joy. 

    Natural soy wax of the highest quality is used and the very best of scents without the use of Phthalate. 

    This is a 10oz size