Grey Hare Soy Candle - 10oz

Small Batch Poured



Grey Hare is our second signature scent! Lovely on it's own and even more enticing when burned together with Sweet Pea!


There is an old Teutonic legend that the Hare was once a bird and was transformed into its present form by Eostra, the Goddess of Spring. In gratitude for this the hare laid eggs during the April festival of the Goddess. Our Easter customs are survivals of this ancient tradition. Hares are gentle creatures and can assist us in becoming more attuned to the lunar cycle. All Hares and Rabbits in general are associated with the Moon, magick, luck, love, creativity, success, sensitivity, agility, spontaneity, abundance, rebirth and of course fertility.  

Grey Hare 10oz

  • All items created are blessed, cleansed and charged before heading on their journey to you. Sage & Moon Waters along with incantation blessing and reiki will be performed prior to shipping. A little magick to get you started with your new item! May your purchased item bring you joy. 

    Natural soy wax of the highest quality is used and the very best of scents without the use of Phthalate. 

    This is a 10oz size