A very special candle indeed ~ Bates Motel Soy Candle - 10oz


Norman Bates is our retired Greyhound... he got his name because his mother is a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies, his father loves horror and “Norman Bates” loves his mother... We wanted one of our candles to help Norman support other animals in his name. With the purchase of this scented candle you are supporting animals everywhere.  $1 from each Bates Motel candle will be donated to the Farley Foundation.  https://www.farleyfoundation.org


Just as wicked as you would anticipate, this scent is Laced Cedrus Bark, hints of a wood panelled room with hints of warm depth.... but in a good way.


The colour of this candle will be changing from white to grey except for the first run of this candle. 

Bates Motel 10oz

  • All items created are blessed, cleansed and charged before heading on their journey to you. Sage & Moon Waters along with incantation blessing and reiki will be performed prior to shipping. A little magick to get you started with your new item! May your purchased item bring you joy. 

    Natural soy wax of the highest quality is used and the very best of scents without the use of Phthalate. 

    This is a 10oz size