The Journey

Merry Meet! Welcome to the New Wyrd Wednesdays with Lady Bunny Seraphim... things are about to get magickal here at Sweet Pea & Grey Hare.

It might be a bit of a rocky start but I hope you stay with me though this journey ... I have a newsletter for my Vintage Beauty Parlour called the "Vintage Bugle" that has been going along really well, so I thought I might try my hand at a Blog ~ a magickal one ~ here on Sweet Pea & Grey Hare.

So, lets begin with a bit more about me. I have been "witchy" ever since I can remember. I started meditation with my Dad, learning about visualization etc. at the age of 8. I received my first set of Tarot cards from my father when I was about 10 years old. The games we played were not your typical games for children, they were survival games and games to try to improve my mind power; like learning to astral-travel or physically disappear (probably not really disappear, but ... to not be seen). I was very good at it.

I am about to take you on a journey with me. Consider me as a Page in a tarot deck. Pages have great potential but have not fully honed their skills. I have been reading Tarot for over 40 years, however, I have always used my guide book to help me. It's like using a crutch to help you walk even though you kind of know you can already walk... but you are just a bit scared to really believe it.

In the past year and a half, I have been studying and am now forcing myself to put the guide books down. I am actually quite good at Tarot. I'm just learning to trust my intuition and when I have had the opportunity to read for others, they say I was "Bang on".

For me reading Tarot is like being Spider Man; WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESOPONSIBILITY! Tarot is not something to be trifled with. Not to mention the responsibility to others that you are reading for. There are so many fear mongers out there, those that read the cards to put fear into the querent so that they have to come back to get more readings to see what the outcome is, or to purchase spell kits from the reader to bring better luck etc. These readers get them hooked on fear. It's important to me to be authentic, honest but also kind during my readings.

It's true that my journey began when I was very young, but my parents divorced and I became unsure of myself. I came from a family of mixed beliefs. While I was growing up my father was an atheist and my Mum never spoke of religion or spirituality. However, my Dad was brought up strict Catholic and his family still attended church every Sunday; Well, all but my grandmother (his mother). What I learned about religion through summer visits with my aunts and grandfather where I was forced to go to church every Sunday.

I felt like an outcast because I had not learned all the prayers, stories, or hymns etc. and I was not allowed to join in when it was time for communion. I was left alone to wait in the pews and no one was willing to teach me or progress me through the lessons of the church so, it became a bone of contention. There seemed to be so many rules and it also kept me separated from those I loved the most.

It's no surprise I am where I am today because although the guidance I received from my Dad was sound and I truly found peace learning how to be a spiritual being; I also felt I needed to hide it because it did not go along with the beliefs of my elders. I played "magic" around them at times, but was told it was a dangerous game and that I should refrain. I was so confused and would often times stop reading my cards, stop practicing meditation, stop developing my skills because, after a month with them (through summer vacation), I was so confused I did not know what to think. My parents had already divorced and my Dad was not around me often. I was living with my Mum and she was really struggling and had no faith at all. We did not attend church, did not practice "magick" and never spoke of any sort of spirituality at all. It was only when I received letters from my Dad (sail mail), that I might get some spiritual guidance or receive some inspiration to once again read my cards or spark my belief in the mystical realm.

I am now in my crone phase and it is only now that I am fully able to be who I am. It is only now that I have allowed myself to fully embrace my magick and to begin my studies again.

Although I practiced throughout the years, I never found a mentor because I had not come out yet. I have my 1st degree priestess but never progressed further because of not being out and it being impossible to practice my studies without having a safe space to do it.

I am now in the middle of my 2nd degree priestess studies and have found a beautiful friend, and mentor, to help me reach my highest, enlightened potential. I will share more about her in later Blog Posts.

I practice my Tarot daily and study daily. CV19 has allowed me to be alone, to go within, to awaken my inner goddess again and to realize it is my true self, my true calling. It is time for me to focus on being the vessel and sharing my gifts with others.

There is so much to come and if you are new to magick, spirituality, and witchcraft, this might be a wonderful journey for us to share. If you are well spirited and skilled, this might be a great place to reach a higher potential by sharing your experiences with responses to my posts.

Stay tuned for offerings of Tarot readings. My pricing will be kept low as an entry level pricing because my querents are helping me to become more comfortable sharing my skills. I am confident that my readings are accurate and I am so happy to be able to share them with you very soon.

I will also be working on my studies and continuing to advance my skills with my mentors. I look forward to sharing with you and hope that you too will enjoy this journey with me.

My "Intention Candles" from Sweet Pea & Grey Hare have now been released locally (along with the original Muggle Candles) and are made with blessings and intention from myself and the goddess. I will soon have them posted on Sweet Pea & Grey Hare site.

I hope to regularly post on this blog... possibly weekly or biweekly... at least that is my hope; so please keep checking in.

Bright Blessings

Lady Bunny Seraphim

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