Signature Scents

Our SIGNATURE Scents are starting to be established! It's an exciting step that allows us to keep your very favorites available ALL YEAR round.

A couple of these scents were created in my first line of candles ~ THE HAT line ~ and have been favorites and best sellers for a couple of years now! We simply can't let them go... we love the too!

Although the name has changed... they are indeed the same scent I created before! So if any of these were your favorites, we want you to know that they are still here!

1692 with crackling wood wick ~ This is now called Kumbaya and now comes in a 10oz size along with the 6oz and 4oz size however the 10oz size will come with a cotton wick. The 10oz jars are too tall for the wooden wick to receive enough oxygen to stay lit so the cotton wick allows you to enjoy the scent without the worry of it going out! We hope you will agree that this scent is one of our most incredible and can be enjoyed all year round! It will make you feel like you're bringing the outdoors in.

Brigadoon is now Letter Sweater. This is one of our personal favorites! It is so soft and powdery, like falling in love. It reminds me of being hugged by someone who you know really loves you! I highly recommend it!

Greyhound and Beauty Parlour are new to the line and we are thrilled to create them for you to enjoy all year round.

Greyhound is based on a drink created for the first time in the 1940's and has a tart citrus scent like grapefruit! It is simply amazing, burned in the morning! What a bright way to begin your day!

Beauty Parlour is a fresh spa scent that is bright and fruity with a sprinkle of sweet! We recommend it for weekends and times of relaxation!

We will be adding some more scents into our SIGNATURE Line over the next little while so stay tuned for our releases!

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