Updated: Oct 11, 2021

When the first lockdown came and my vintage beauty parlour was locked down, I need to find something to do; I hoped I could make a small income until reopening my main business. It's been a long, hard 18 months and before that lockdown slammed us all into some sci-fi movie, we were dealing with stage 4 cancer, for 6 years, with my Mother-in-law and friend. Two months ago we lost her and we were still whirling in the third lockdown.

It was during the last lockdown that I had the opportunity to do an artisan show with "The Mother Of All Craft Shows" in Belleville. It seemed a very unlikely thing to commit to with all that was happening with our personal lives but ... it became the turning point of realization that this was not just a whim craft I had stumbled onto.

It took 18 months to get to where I am right now; I started with research until I perfected my candles to create a full wax pool melt and has now become something so much more! In 18 months I designed and created my first BRAND with my talented husband and owner of Jaybird Digital Arts which we have now rebranded into this amazing retro line! It's amazing to know that I now create and formulate my own scents too making my candles truly unique to Sweet Pea & Grey Hare! We've come a long way baby!

I am thrilled to write my first real blog post and to let you in on the first of the FALL candle to be released for this coming season! "Drive-In" is an amazing candle that is different than others you may have experienced. If you are not into scents that are sweet or floral and pine is just too darn much... you are going to love this scent.

Picture yourself sitting in your "Woodie" station wagon, cuddled close to your sweetheart, windows cracked just a smidge, awaiting the feature film of the night. This scent is a delicate blend of wood paneling and fresh air.

If this was your night out, and it was 1953, what movie would you most want to be awaiting? What will your snacks be for the night? Did you pack a blanket, smuggle in the kids, bring a red lippy to touch yourself up, brush a little Brylcreem into your hair? This candle is sure to take you back to a magic night at the Drive-In.

Snuggle in on the couch, light your candle and take a trip back in time with this spiced wood scent.

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