For those of you new to Sweet Pea & Grey Hare and familiar with our RETRO style candles created to capture the scents of the 1950's, we would like to introduce you to our BLACK Label line.

These candles have been created with intention. What does that mean?

The candles are created using scents that encourage drawing particular things into your life. They also contain crystals and herbs that will draw these things to your life... such as Joy or banishing negative things from your life.

BLACK Label candles can of course be enjoyed just because you love the scent but don't be surprised if things start happening around you for the better.

These candles are blessed and created in a very magickal atmosphere with so much love going into them.

We hope you will truly enjoy these sophisticated & complex scents. If you love earthy and are not a big fan of sweet scents, this line will be right up your alley. There are no scents in this line that have not been chosen to reflect the intention of the candle!

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