Patricia had created the very sweetest strawberry Jell-O Salad and was now ready to join her friends at the party. It was getting late and she didn't want to miss the sun setting. It was such a beautiful view from Mabel's place that sat just outside of her town of Boswell, on Kootenay Lake. This area was incredibly beautiful, lined with towering mountains and sparkling water streams. It was easy to access due to the highway which wound through the quiet community, so it was a perfect location to enjoy nature along with have access to visitors who loved to come and shop at local artisan stores, often located within someone's home. 

Being right on Kootenay Lake offered the most incredible sunsets! Patricia had changed into a cute little ensemble with navy peddle pusher pants and a button up sweater in mustard plaid. She had a bag packed with her bug spray and a lap blanket made at one of the local farms out of sheep's wool. She locked the door behind her, jumped in her car and began singing a song by Les Paul and Mary, "There's No Place Like Home". She would be there in no time at all and couldn't wait to spend time with her friends, singing around the campfire.

Patricia arrived in time to be greeted by Mabel, say hello to all of her friends and stake out just the right spot around the fire pit to enjoy not only the beauty of the crackling fire but also one of the most beautiful sunsets she had ever witnessed. 

The S'mores were being made and the girls and Patricia were singing Kumbaya with perfect harmony. She was unaware of just how these memories would help her through her life at this time and was simply enjoying the moment. The chocolate and marshmallow melted in her mouth and she had a hot Steeped Tea to go along side of them. She held her mug beneath her nose and took in a deep breath. There was something so comforting about the smell of Steeped Earl Grey Tea. Someone should find a way to package it so you could bring it with you no matter where you went.

It was the most incredible night!