Halftone Image of Crowd
Halftone Image of Crowd


The witches New Year was here at last and Samhain was the perfect time to work with and honor ones ancestors. It was a very busy and exciting time of year for Rosemary as she began to harvest and can preserves, to clean up the gardens and make plans for the coming year, but best of all, it was a time when the veil between two worlds became the thinnest!

She enjoyed the solitude of her country cottage which sat on 10 acers of land. Part of the land was perfect farm land which was surrounded by a wooded area all situated close to a lake. Truly, this was the perfect location with elements present for all of her magickal needs . In this quiet space she was able to create and truly be connected to the universe and all it had to offer her. But during the Fall season leading up to Halloween, her little quiet space began to bustle.

Around this time of year, everyone felt as though they had a little magic in them and maybe even a little witch too. They felt their ancestors pulling them closer to the veil which, without them being aware of it, inspired them to do ancestral things, like buying pumpkins (which lasted their ancestors months uncut and fed entire villages through the cold winter season). Now was a time for late season harvesting, followed closely by Fall garden planting and planning for the coming Spring. Rosemary followed the cues of the season and though this was the busy time, the quiet winter was soon to follow. Her pumpkin patch was filled with guests from morning until late afternoon as families picked the perfect Jack-O-Lantern to take home with them.

After a long day of harvest and planting she was weary. The sun had long gone down and the moon hung high in the sky. She cracked her window open to allow the brisk cool breeze in, to swirl around her dark cabin and fill it with the crisp freshness of the season. It was the perfect time to begin lighting her Hallowtide candle and set her intentions for the coming season and a brand new year. She struck the match and began to whisper the words of magick. "The veil between our worlds has grown thin at last..."

Hallowtide Incantation

Celebrate this Sabbat at the witching hour of midnight by lighting your Hallowtide candle and repeating this incantation (or your own). 

Honoring Your Ancestors

The veil between our worlds has grown thin at last

I light this candle in honor of my ancestors past

Tonight may they roam unchained

and join the loving embrace of family who remain

May the flickering flame of this candle guide and warm us.

I call upon thee now  (name them if you choose)

I welcome you in perfect love and perfect trust to join me here tonight

to celebrate our ancestry beneath the moon so bright

May the magick of this  candle empower us all,

to gain insight on all things yet to come; Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. 


You may also wish to include an offering or two such as homemade treats like Soul Cakes. It is highly suggested that you make enough of these for yourself to enjoy also as they are simply delightful and one of Rosemary's favorite treats, enjoyed only at this time of the year. 

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Click above PDF to download file to print your Samhain page for your Book of Shadows.

Look for clues within the readings to follow the rabbit further down the rabbit hole.