Such a quiet and reflective time. The shortest day and the longest night have arrived and Rosemary had been looking forward to this day since Samhain. This was her second most magical time of the year. The marking of a paradigm shift when the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn form the Christmas star in the night sky. It was a time when the planets, the stars, the light and the dark all aligned so that we could too. It was a time to celebrate the return of the light. 

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YULE "Tail"...

It was the night before Yule and Rosemary had completed all of her chores in preparation for the celebratory day. There was one last thing to include before she turned in for the night though. She went to the Hearth room of her cottage and lit her Midwinter candle that sat upon the mantle. She then lit the fire and walked over to her chair where her hot herbal tea sat cooling on the side table. Beside the chair on the other side was a basket that was filled with just a few new items that she had picked up from the nearest town at the trading post. There was a new pair of socks and some pajamas along with a new t-shirt and leggings to slip on tomorrow after a lazy morning in bed. She picked up the basket and placed it under the Yule tree. 


This was an old tradition that carried great power and Rosemary didn't think twice about continuing its practices. Did you know that in Scandinavia there are several creatures that dwell in the seasonal stories?

The Jólakötturinn, or Yule Cat for instance is one that adds a little fright to the night before Yule. The stories of the Jólakötturinn date back to the dark ages. The Yule cat is the enforcer or good behavior. The cat is monstrous and towers above the houses. He prowls the night before Yule and looks to see if new clothes have been given to the people who dwell in each home (especially the children). If new clothing is there the Yule Cat will know that the child has done all of it's chores and will move on to the next house. If there are no socks beneath the tree however, the Yule cat, with a swish of his tail, will proceed to eat all of the child's food and then move on to the child itself.

Rosemary was safely in her chair, chores completed and clothes beneath the tree, it was time now to sip her tea, enjoy her candle and fire, cover her legs with her lap quilt and read an ancient tale or two about this season, another tradition that she loved to partake in; reading folklore. 

Happy Yule to all and to all a safe night!

Winter Solstice Info sheet copy.jpg

Winter Solstice Meditation by Bunny

Click above PDF to download file to print your Midwinter (Yule) page for your Book of Shadows.

Midwinter Crystals


Garnet is known as the warriors stone. A stone of fire and vitality. Red garnet stimulates and activates the base chakra, promoting feelings of safety and security.  An excellent stone for igniting your passion. To complete and reach your goals with enthusiasm. 

Citrine for attracting abundance and prosperity in the year ahead.

Obsidian for protective energy to center and ground your spiritual energy through the dark months ahead. It nods to the concepts of birth and death perfect for this time of year. 

Amethyst like Black Obsidian, Amethyst will help you feel less cooped up during the winter months. Amethyst can be used to cleanse away old energy and negativity. It helps get through feelings of depression and feeling down about things.

Rose Quartz the stone of love. This stone will gently remind you that you are loved. Good for calming anxiety and stress.  Perfect for the hectic run-up to seasonal holidays or family


Midwinter Herbs

Chamomile flowers bring the power of the sun and water. Naturally eases tension. Used as a sleep aid.

Clove associated with Uranus and fire. Brings protection, joy, wealth and domestic harmony. Stops gossip and brings truth to light.  

Rosemary gives us the gift of heat in

the long dark days of winter. Restorative and dispels winter fog.

Orange Peel the fruit of sun and air. Brings confidence, happiness and vitality into our lives. Orange peel is warming and uplifting.