Tinsel Tree

Shimmer and Shine

It was time to get Patricia's Christmas tree and although her tradition thus far had taken her out to the tree farms where she would pick out a Douglas Fir and have it strapped to the roof of the car by some young lad working to save up for furthering his education or a new toy of some sort, this year she had seen an advertisement for an "Evergleam Aluminum tree". These new fangled, space age looking trees were released a few years back, in 1959 and were an instant hit! She fell in love with them instantly and had been saving up all year for the opportunity to buy one for herself.


The flyer this morning had said they were selling for $25, a pricey investment. The way she justified it, she wouldn't need to buy another tree for years to come and it would save her on time and gas not having to go and pick up her Douglas Fir (sorry Douglas) each and every year. The tree also came with a cool colour wheel that had 4 different colour filters on it so that the tree changed colours.  The ad stated that you shouldn't use lights on the tree as if there was any kind of short they might charge up the tree and anyone who touched it could get an electric shock. Not the kind of experience she was after. 

1964 Cookie experience

In 1964 Pillsbury came out with a new cookie kit! It came with stencils and Patricia was all in on this new style cookie that she could bring over to Mabel's when she had her Christmas get together this month. What the heck, she thought, she was changing up her tree to a new modern looking Aluminum style so why not make a theme of it and bring something really cutting edge to the party too! These cookies looked like they were going to be the bees knees and she loved to spoil her friends. 


Recipe Links for 1960's


Some of the most beautiful ornaments were created post war and during the 1950's. Glass ornaments  are a collectable and one of my all time favorite holiday things. There's nothing like seeing a tree filled with vintage bulbs. Looking at the shimmer of the glass and knowing how fragile they are and that they have been around for 40+ years is true magick in your hand. 

Here is a little gem of a site that will help you learn more about ornaments and Christmas too!