Creating Ambience
With A Retro Vibe

Mrs. Rees Hair October 26 19 B.jpg

Meet Michele (Bunny) Rees

I have been a crafter/ artist for most of my life. I have retired from making award winning quilts and teddy bears that have sold all over the world to focus on this new venture of candle making. I am the owner of a Vintage Beauty Parlour and embrace the 1950's style in both my work life and home life. I am happily married and share my life with a greyhound rescue named Norman Bates (He loves his mother) and a Siamese cat named Hook (as in Captain Hook). 


I LOVE making my candles and have so much fun creating them. Coming up with retro names and scent development are just a couple of the things that bring great joy to my life.

I hope you will enjoy all of my soy wax creations from wax melts and fire starters to candles. They are clean burning and will last for hours upon hours of burn time, filling your space with the magic of scent.