There's A Little Witch In All Of Us

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Meet Lady Seraphim

I am a 1st degree priestess (working my way to 2nd degree) living a magickal life and sharing my crafted & brewed items with you is truly a blessing for me. I have been sewing pretty much my entire life and am proud to say am an award winning seamstress. The items I create here, are blessed and cleansed using sage & moon waters before they come to you. A blessing incantation is used to further prepare your item for your own personal usage in either you home or your magick.  Reiki energy flow is infused into your item to help protect it on its journey from me to you. From Candles & Room Sprays to Tarot Card & Crystal Bags I take great pride in creating items with thought and intention. 

I hope you enjoy your experience on Sweet Pea & Grey Hare and may your Gods treat you as you treat others.