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Introducing FULL MOON ASTRO SPRAY! Now available in the store! A Crystal charged spray to bring the power of the Full Moon to you at any time!

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Our favorites

Coming Soon!

We are excited to introduce to you our new coloured candles: Properly scented to the correct chakra or use for alter candle magic by colour in a safe, no drip tin. 

Colour Work
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Sabbat, Cross Quarter, Equinox Candles.

SP&GH is excited to continue growing our Black Label intention candle line. Filled with crystals, herbs and blessed, these candles are a great addition to your celebration of the Wheel of the Year. 

Created at the right time, during the right moon phase on the correct day these candles are truly beautiful and empowering.

Enjoy Feast of Brigid candle through Imbolc season.

Define Who You Are

Our scents are complex but simply beautiful. From our candles to our Room Sprays ~ Great thought is taken in naming and developing our scents. Phthalate free scents to keep your air clean and smelling beautifully. Define who you are by filling your space with a scent that truly says "ME"!


“I'm absolutely in love with Jell-O Salad! It's delicious strawberry scent fills my heart with joy! 

Bancroft, Ontario